Board of Directors

Fazil Erwin Alfitri

Chief Executive Officer

Fazil Erwin Alfitri, President Director of PT. Maxpower Indonesia. He is concurrently the President Director of PT. Infra Daya Energia (since 2018), The CEO of Maxpower Group Pte Ltd.

He has extensive work experiences in Indonesia and abroad, including General Electric USA, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The founder of PT Medco Power Indonesia and PT Infra Daya Energia, He is an expert of Power Generation business development, project finance, as well oil and gas project development, Black Belt for Six Sigma Quality Management experience.

He earned Master of Science (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, from the Wichita State University, USA.

Gatot S. Prawiro, joined Maxpower Group as Chief Operating Officer in Jan 2016, in 2017 he was asked to lead the IPP group of MAXpower where he was made the Managing Director of the Indonesian and Myanmar IPP assets.

In 2019 he was given responsibility to be the Chief Business Development Officer of MAXpower Group based in Jakarta.  Prior to joining MAXpower, Gatot was already in the power industry for more than 27 years with 20 of it he served at GE.

Gatot spent most of his youth in the UK from 1975 to 1988, he received his Mechanical Engineering degree at Bristol Polytechnics and his Master of Science at Cranfield University.

Gatot S. Prawiro

Chief Business Development Officer

Arie Wibisono

Chief Legal & Administration Officer

Arie Wibisono, has been appointed as Chief Legal & Administration Officer of PT. Maxpower Indonesia, and he is also being Director of Maxpower Group Pte Ltd since December 2018. In this position, Arie is responsible to lead Legal, Human Capital, General Affair, and Corporate Communication & Compliance.
Prior to joining Maxpowergroup, he has professional careers as a lawyer, in-house legal counsel in banking industry and in Medco Group, and lately as Director in subsidiaries of PT Medco Power Indonesia. Arie has an extensive experience in corporate, project structuring and financing, and power project development and operation.
He has a bachelor’s degree of Law from Padjajaran University – Bandung and held a Master of Law (LLM) from National University of Singapore & Magister Management (MM) from Paramadina University.

Priandika Permana, with the recent restructuring of the organization he is entrusted with the position of Operations Director of

PT. Maxpower Indonesia with main responsibility in directing and coordinating all operational related function: operation, QHSES and Supply Chain. He is concurrently is Chief Operating Officer of PT. Infra Daya Energia (since 2018).

With more than 20 years experiences in Banking, Finance, and Oil and Gas operations will help the Group deliver long term financial promise to the shareholders, lenders, business partners and employees.

Priandika Permana

Chief Operating Officer

Susilawati Nasution

Chief Financial Officer

Susilawati Nasution, Director and Chief Financial Officer of PT Max Power Indonesia since May 2023. In addition to that, she holds several position in Max Power Indonesia’s affiliate.

In this position, Susi is responsible to lead Finance Directorate covering finance, accounting and tax and fund raising, plus procurement.

Born in 1977, Susilawati Nasution has been working in financial sector since 2002 with extensive experience in fund raising ranging from corporate finance, project finance, acquisition financing, debt capital market and reserve base lending. She was previously Finance Director and CFO of PT Medco Power Indonesia, Independent Power Purchase company owned by PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (2018 – April 2023), Head of Corporate Finance in PT Medco Energi Internasional Tbk (2013 – 2017) and hold several position in Bank Negara Indonesia for over a decade with strong background in power plant, telco and oil and gas.

Susi earned Bachelor Degree from University of North Sumatera in 2000 and Graduate Study from University of Gadjah Mada in 2002. She also took several business class in University of Indonesia (2006) and INSEAD (2018-2019) to strengthen her business acumen.