Company Profile Maxpower Group

1st gas fired power plant developer in West Papua

1st flare gas fired power plant in Indonesia

1st to introduce GEJ engines into Indonesia, Myanmar, & Singapore

1st gas fired Integrated distributed Power Company in South East Asia

1st CNG powered project (marine delivery) together with PLN Batam

1st power plant developer with activities in both Indonesia & Myanmar

We are the leading distributed in South East Asia
  • Singapore-registered, Jakarta-headquartered MAXpower Group is the leading gas-to-power specialist in Southeast Asia. We deliver clean, efficient, and affordable power to remote and under-supplied areas of Indonesia and Myanmar in record times, and provide services to gas-fired power operations across Southeast Asia.
  • Through MAXpower, we develop, own, and operate gas-fired power plants in Indonesia and Myanmar. We currently have an installed fleet of 365 MW.
  • We are a vibrant and growing business. Our power generation fleet (in MW) is expected to continue its multi-year growth trend given the strong drivers for
    gas fired power solutions in Indonesia, with the average size of projects undertaken expected to continue to increase

Our Partners in Joint Ventures & Strategic Relationships

Maxpower has formed O&M joint ventures and strategic alliances with key Indonesian and foreign stakeholders:


Core Competencies of MAXpower’s Distributed Power Solutions

Rapid deployment of power solutions for customers with acute power needs

Ability to provide solutions to remote areas with significant power needs

Delivery of economically attractive gas fired power for customer cost savings

Increasing capacity in a modular fashion which is cost-efficient