Our People

"During my work-time at PT. Maxpower Indonesia, I feel so amazing. I currently work as an assistant operator. I learned a lot about how to be disciplined, integrity, and productivity. PT. Maxpower Indonesia give me the opportunity to develop my skills. I feel there is a very good togetherness, communicative and mutual respect for the work environment, have a great kinship and still put professionalism first."
Operator Maxpower Tarakan SIte
“I have worked in this company for 6 years. It is a pleasure for me to be able to work here in a comfortable environment and an extraordinary team. a lot of experience that I can get. and there is still a lot of potential that can be explored in this company. YES WE CAN!”
Rengga Rahma Utama
Service Procurement Specialist
“Very happy and lucky to be part of the family of PT. Maxpower, working with talented and delightful people from almost all regions of Indonesia is an amazing experience, people at PT. Maxpower can get the best chance to learn and develop themselves to be better.”
Nantan Yogi Permadi
Inventory Control and PR Processing Specialist