Company Profile

We are the leading distributed Gas-to-Power Specialist in South East Asia

  • Singapore-registered, Jakarta-headquartered MAXpower Group is the leading gas-to-power specialist in Southeast Asia. We deliver clean, efficient, and affordable power to remote and under-supplied areas of Indonesia and Myanmar in record times, and provide services to gas-fired power operations across Southeast Asia.
  • Through MAXpower, we develop, own, and operate gas-fired power plants in Indonesia and Myanmar. We currently have an installed fleet of 420 MW.
  • We are a vibrant and growing business. Our power generation fleet (in MW) is expected to continue its multi-year growth trend given the strong drivers for
    gas fired power solutions in Indonesia, with the average size of projects undertaken expected to continue to increase

A Company of Many "First"

Our Partners in Joint Ventures & Strategic Relationships

Maxpower has formed O&M joint ventures and strategic alliances with key Indonesian and foreign stakeholders:

PLN Tarakan for O&M support on existing plants
Cogindo for O&M support on existing plants
PJBS for O&M support on existing plants
PLN Batam where Maxpower does all CNG fired projects per umbrella agmt
Mitsui & Co as minority shareholder in Maxpower’s Myanmar power project

Core Competencies of MAXpower’s Distributed Power Solutions